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I badly want to predict the Jets will win and Wilson will have a big game. But this looks like a blowout to me. I mean this looks like one of those games that could easily get away from the Jets. Denver has a good, young team with a consistent veteran leader at QB. Maybe Zach pulls a rabbit out of a hat or our defense puts on an absolute show, but I don't see it.   

Broncos: 31

Jets: 17

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1 hour ago, Warfish said:

I think we have a very good chance to win today. 

First week of this season where I predicted a win, and I think we can (not will, can) earn one today.

If the D continues to improve, if the O-line continues to improve, and Zack learns the lessons of last week, this IS a winnable game.

Go Jets!

As long as GVR is lucky enough to trip the Dline as he gets pancaked all day. ?

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46 minutes ago, SAR I said:

In the history of the NFL, only 6 teams have come back from an 0-3 start to make the playoffs.


Look at this charlatan trying to jinx us. The patriarch of psls and the all knowing.


bad karma to put this in the game thread. I will hold you personally responsible if the Jets do not win today.

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I just want to be competitive in this game. Id love to believe we are going to win but gut tells me we aren’t consistent enough yet to keep up with even slightly above average teams (lets face it, the Patriots and Panthers are that). 

With that said, I’m ready to root my ass off. 

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6 hours ago, BP said:

We would have destroyed the falcons in that super bowl. Megget and the muffed kickoff and victor green falling a sleep. Alex van dyke dropping a pass. Perfect storm of Jet **** ups in the second half. It makes me physically ill thinking about it. 

oh go Jets!

Keith Byars fumble.  

The list goes on.



EDIT- I see you mentioned it later. 

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