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As we speak, I’m poring over every frame of the All-22 film to figure out how Vic Fangio put the clamps on Braxton Berrios.

Analyst: “Zack has to step up into that pocket and…”   Zack: 

I'm taking a few weeks off. This site has become a cesspool of stupidity and appears to be under a coordinated attack to me. I'm miserable enough watching the Jets suck without reading all the retarda

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The more things change.....the more they stay the same...

Sanchez, Geno, Darnold, now Zach.....

doing their prized possession no favors throwing them to the wolves while the team around them is a work in progress(to put it nicely)

A vet should be taking these lumps right now

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4 minutes ago, Jets723 said:

I’m not whining.  Just having a sense of humor about it.  I do think he should get at least some time in there though 

Sure, why not. It’s not like we’re tearing up the league.

Just be ready for Mims to make no difference at all.

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Man I'm glad I didn't pay to go see this team play live this year based on all the off season hype.

2 years ago I decided not to give another dime to this team until they start winning again...I have almost got weak and give in a few times but thanks to the ineptitude I have been able to hold firm.


Sent from the NY Jets /Zack Wilson Suicide Watch desk.

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