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Just now, JiFapono said:

Zach really struggles when the D shows man and drops to zone.  It’s like he locks on any man beater route and does see the field 

Nobody open and no one ran short routes.  They needed 2 yards.  No TEs, no rbs for quick dump offs.  The play made it way harder than it had to be.  Also they could have rolled wilson out.

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2 minutes ago, FactsOnly said:

3 and out and a burned timeout

Followed by another atrocious penalty


Saleh is the next Mike Tomlin. Unfortunately, in order to be successful  that requires working for the Steelers organization, and having a fully built and developed team built by super competent people handed to you.

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1 minute ago, victorjets said:

Taunting on a fair catch, a new low

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Just now, Charlie Brown said:

Ummmmmm we have like 35 yards total offense and we are taunting folks!!!

Good Grief!! :( 


Just now, shawn306 said:

So down 17 and we have some scrub talking trash

Honestly, I'm kinda impressed the guy was able to come up with something to talk trash about there. 

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3 minutes ago, bostonmajet said:

third and 2; not only do you not run, but you use an empty back-field so everyone knows you aren't going to run.

Coaching staff is horrendous.. no strategy or cst and mouse game.. just garbage play calling like a 4 yr old playing madden on ps4!

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