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Just now, FidelioJet said:

This is the worst offense I’ve ever seen.  

False...unlike gase offense where we never had a chance...this offense keeps dropping passes that would be first downs...

Worst offense was gase passes complete short offirst downs...

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As we speak, I’m poring over every frame of the All-22 film to figure out how Vic Fangio put the clamps on Braxton Berrios.

Analyst: “Zack has to step up into that pocket and…”   Zack: 

I'm taking a few weeks off. This site has become a cesspool of stupidity and appears to be under a coordinated attack to me. I'm miserable enough watching the Jets suck without reading all the retarda

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Just now, Zachtomims47 said:

Trade Mosley. Let him enjoy a good team. Don’t do this to him. 

At this point I would trade the veterans who aren’t going to be here next year and get as much as we can get

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1 minute ago, kevinc855 said:

I wasn’t asking super bowl

i wasn’t even asking playoffs 

I was asking competitive 

Don’t worry the excuse birds will be out soon. Exited to hear the new reasons “they need to gel” etc 

How many threads are you going to start this week?

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15 minutes ago, kevinc855 said:

This is a bad roster

We have this cocky mindset we can “coach em up”

I have no idea this teams direction

Winning football games does not seem to be the first priority 

But look at all that cap space

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