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Mike LeFleur must go

Uncle Nicco

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I'm not sure that they have the personnel to run the SF offense. We can have the discussion if they should be running that without the appropriate personnel, but I'll give LaFleur a slight pass for that.

What annoys the crap out of me is that I am not seeing any sense of emergency or adaptations. Why did they not go up-tempo at all in this game? At the very least it might tire out some of the defense and it might have helped Zach get into some kind of rhythm. Huddling every play wasn't working, why not try something else?

There was enough bad in this game for every unit. Until they get better personnel, they had better be less predictable or it's going to be a very long year.

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8 hours ago, addage said:

And maybe a new fan base.

This is disingenuous at best.....50 years of garbage....most of us have tolerated a large chunk of that for our entire lives and we're still as loyal as any fanbase in ANY sport! It's the fans fault for being fed up with garbage ownership and a revolving door of garbage employees? 

Chris I didn't know you had a burner account on this site! 😳

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12 hours ago, Rangers1 said:

Hopefully this is as bad as it gets

But the jets just don’t learn

shotty all over again

rookie coaches  rookie Qb, crappy owners and gm

Like I said before 60 years of garbage

though I will be back for more ( rose colored glasses)

I’d wear these. It would help with the glare. Watching these games is not easy on the eyes.


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11 hours ago, kdels62 said:

? Zach threw 2 picks when trying to go downfield in the fourth quarter. Before that he didn’t really throw an intercept-able ball.

wilson holds the ball too long and misses some easy throws.  the oline hasn't pass blocked very well.  the jets need to start throwing more quick passes.  and they certainly need a receiver that gets doubled once in a while.

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8 hours ago, Joe Jets fan said:

Keep in mind that Salah can not fire Lafleur.  He is best friends with his brother, childhood friends.  So we are stuck for many years.  

This is actually a huge concern (and similar to the Bowles/Kacy Rogers fiasco).  When you get promoted its great having "your guys" to fill out whatever team you are running, but only if your guys are actually proven to be good at their jobs.  It is well documented how close LaFleur and Saleh are, and its going to be very difficult for Saleh to give an accurate assessment of LaFleur's job.

Its not just play calling or design either.  Ty Johnson is being used as the 3rd down back and he cant pass protect. Mims is a weekly inactive for a dumb reason - those are very bad personnel decisions that need to be fixed.

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