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As of right now the Jets, Giants, and Eagles have 6 of the first 11 picks lol

How is this team winning 4 games?

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anyone with eyes and a brain knows we arent taking a QB no matter where we pick. on top of all obvious reasons why, the QB's in college sucks ass this year. that being said...picking say 3rd and 12th or something like that could net us a corner and an OL. I really think that Van Rotten and McGovern are a bigger problem then people realize...they were being killed every time i watched a highlight of the broncos bringing pressure.

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Just now, More Cowbell said:

I don't  know what you have seem that makes you think 0-17 isn't  possible. I know it's  not easy to do but this team can't score points. 

we are not going 0-17 (i mean we didnt last year, and we were so so bad)...that being said...i DO NOT see 4 wins on this schedule.

i have 3 games that we have a shot in....and 2 of them are on the road


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