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The "phone booth" offense seems to be killing Zach Wilson. Was it really a staple in San Francsico?

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5 hours ago, Chrebetfan80 said:

correct, and its actually not a good evaluation of the plays design because it is trying to play guys into space.  Tight formations in man, especialy bunch can be confusing for defenses and get free releases from two of the 3 in the bunch. 


Keeping that in mind, using overs, the shallow cross, and a deeper cross allow the offensive players to use speed to beat their defender across the field with little friction to a vacated area cleared out by the 9 at the bottom of the formation. 

May not be the call id make on 3rd down, but its not a flawed concept per say, the execution was just way off.  Wr's were all over the place (admittedly they may have the route order in a different way than I do it) and like you pointed out Zach was late on the throw, he had a window. 

Theres a lot more going on than just poor play calling at times. 

Yeah the go route on the sideline really vacated those linebackers the play call tried to attack. Guys please watch any nfl team and lmk how many times they run either three digs within 10 yards of each other the same distance from the los, or a dig stop IN FRONT OF ANOTHER DIG. (Pick #1 vs pats) As someone who gets play calling watching this season is ridiculous, I’m glad people can watch this and think this is what it should look like. 

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I was watching and a play stood out to me where we just had a bunch of guys within 10 yards absolutely surrounded by defenders. I seen the Jets reddit page had already highlighted it... Wha

Playing to a system and not to the strengths of your players is a recipe for failure. Here we go again.

The defenses aren't doing all that much to confuse Zach.  Rushing 4 and man cover 2.  We don't send enough receivers in routes, so they always have safety help.  Our receivers aren't good enough to ge

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13 hours ago, Irish Jet said:

I was watching and a play stood out to me where we just had a bunch of guys within 10 yards absolutely surrounded by defenders. I seen the Jets reddit page had already highlighted it...


What the actual f*ck is this? Talk about not giving a QB a chance. How in the hell could that have ever resulted in a first down?

I was b!tching about this exact play on my post game stream. 3 WRs all right next to each other with 4 defenders tight around them.

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1 hour ago, nickfoshizal said:

If that looks like nfl play calling to anyone here then idk what to tell you. Just tryna explain why Zach wouldn’t throw that ball, I mean seriously no one should need this explained, yes there’s a window, no a window that small and bunched isn’t what our rookie qb should be throwing to, and HELL NO THAT IS NOT CREATING SPACE. 

The plays you were comparing are totally different.  The guy that eventually comes through was being blocked for enough time for him to have hit Davis, you literally see Zach getting ready to throw it and pulling it back.  It's very obvious but whatever, clearly people are just going to see what they want to see.  I'm done arguing it. 

And I've literally said it 100 times now, the play is a perfect example of all the things wrongs with this offense.  sh*tty OC, sh*tty WR's, sh*tty QB.  It all sucks.  They're all to blame.  It's not one persons fault, the blame belongs all of them. Why some of you continue to focus on the Zach piece, is beyond me.  I'm saying they all suck because they do.  That's why they've scored 20 points in 3 games.


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Offseason quotes about our Offense:

”QB friendly system”

”The best offensive in the league”

”We’re going to life up Zack Wilson and not make him do too much”

”The run game will set up the pass game”

”Zack Wilson is an elite prospect that we had to draft him over keeping Sam Darnold”

”I have a succession plan because I think we’re going to lose Matt LaFleur to a head coach job very soon”


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On 9/28/2021 at 9:28 AM, kmnj said:

our coach had  absolutely nothing to do with the niners offense

it was just like folks that thought Izadick would turn the jets into superbowl champs because he was on the staff for the Hawks

our coaching is bad, our roster is bad and our gm is bad-that is the simple truth

It’s wierd that Lefleur didn’t bring Kittle and the Niners OL along with him

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I haven't loved the offensive scheme so far but it's a new system to everybody and it is going to take time for players to learn to function successfully in it. This isn't Madden where a new playbook can be installed and everybody plays efficiently within it right away. 

I do wish LaFleur would incorporate some familiar elements to the players to help bridge the gap and especially in Wilson's case help him build confidence.

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