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Julio and AJ Brown out Sunday


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19 minutes ago, Beerfish said:

So Henry runs for 300 insted of 200

I remember for many of us who went through the game plans of the QB Marinos and such in the past where it would be the strategy to shorten the game if possible and keep the ball away from the other teams O. Well, if at all possible, that would be the case here since the less you have Henry on the field the better sine from scrimmage and out of the back field, he will not only do mega damage with yards and ultimately points, but he will beat up the D as he does with every other D.

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3 minutes ago, munchmemory said:

I almost wish Maye were playing just in hopes of Henry putting one of his patented nuclear stiff arms on 'im.   Almost.

I'm sure any one of our backers or safeties will perform just as admirably in his place.
















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Tannehill spread it out to 10 different players last week. With that said, I think our defense will be okay again this week. We all know it comes down to the other side of the ball. We could have at least two wins by now if they could get it together. Maybe LaFleur will cover his face when he calls plays this week too. 

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