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Look at how much more night & day creative the Titans offense is vs. the Jets. And they have a new OC this year just like the Jets do.

So far LaFleur was clearly over-hired. He's not ready, maybe never will be. As Parcells used to say "if they don't puppies they're never going to bite."

And it's all falls on Saleh, the buck stops with him, he brought the kid with him from SF. 

It's still early but yikes, it's like watching paint dry.

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6 minutes ago, Green Ghost said:

Off topic here, but @The Crusher or @Charlie Brown and whichever other mod sees this… how does @skeptable get away with the serial neg repping he’s famous here for? When I gat a notification that he’s reacted to a post I don’t even look, I know it’s a thumbs down.

I’m far from the first to call him out for it, but I’m done talking with him. He neg reps at least 10-15 people for every post he makes. The guy brings nothing positive to this place.

I wasn't out here but I will keep an eye on it...

@Skeptable Come On Man!!.....................lets be good Jets fan and accept our whipping collectively!... SMILES :) 

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