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The worst that could happen is that we waste three hours of our lives watching the Jets. And that's never stopped me before. I'm ready.

Wearing my #28 for the first time in years. In honor of @Savage69. 🍻 First win today, boys! J! E! T! S!

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1 minute ago, ultraJETfan said:

Maybe they should spend this week of practice defending the screen.

There a was a player in position to make the play. 

He was blocked in the back and the refs didn't call it 

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7 minutes ago, FactsOnly said:

So credit for the defense but no hate for the offense

aka Shillery

gotcha, sweetie

Wut? The fick does that even mean? On the prowl in this thread is what im seeing 

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7 minutes ago, Guilhermezmc said:


So they got it right the first time, but Vrabel was like, "but we can't lose to the Jets, help us out here", and the refs were like, "okay".

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1 minute ago, T0mShane said:

You sort of feel bad that the Titans are going to waste this roster on Ryan Tannehill.

Theyre 2 best WR's are out. They shoild have traded for Mims before this game.

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