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46 minutes ago, T0mShane said:

I wonder if starting only one (1) player at linebacker who weighs more than 225 lbs will be a problem today.

I really do think that's silly. Guys like Nasirildeen and Sherwood cannot set the edge. I'm sorry, but it's silly to think they're going to. The Jets signed Jarred Davis through FA and he's the real deal in regards to size. I just don't understand why they don't at least add Blake Cashman?

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1 minute ago, munchmemory said:

Are we going to get a live report from @Maxman and the rest of the folks at the tailgate/parking lot?   Or is it that these boomers can't figure out their phone cameras?  Come on you slackers.  

Follow jetnation on facebook they have posted an update there at the tailgate

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5 minutes ago, flgreen said:


Zach look, when GVR misses his block, you still have to flee right.  The scheme is McGovern only  blocks on his left side today.  Got it?

Zach: HUH?  That doesn't sound good




“First you leap me”, “then I leap you!” “Isn’t recess in middle school awesome?”

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4 hours ago, Atlantajet333 said:

Oh, it would be a plus to get a TE involved in the passing game.

You mean the TE is 1. an eligible receiver who can advance the ball via the pass on offense and 2. needs to be covered on defense? Let the Jets know. 

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14 hours ago, jeremy2020 said:

If there is a team tailor made to be upset by the Jets, it's the Titans. They have a mess of a defense that could let the offense get something going and the Jets defense should be able to slow down the Titans running game enough to keep up. 

So you're predicting we go 1-16 instead of 0-17?

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