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That boy good. 

We may have ****ed around and lucked into a player from the trash heap

Dude had a friggin great game!

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12 minutes ago, Smashmouth said:

Not anymore now they are going to be hiding. Quincy was even good in coverage that seam pass to the TE would have been completed but Quincy was all over it and looked for a sec like he may have got a tip on that ball.

How about our young corners who seem to be contesting passes every time they are tested.

We need to give those guys some time because they are both converted safeties and have looked awful so far, especially Sherwood. Quincy has been a nice addition and seems to show up every week.

The young corners are playing Ok, although I'm getting a bit worried about Echols seemingly getting dinged up all the time. Even Dunn had a beautiful pbu today.

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48 minutes ago, GreenFish said:

Cool to see two brothers out there dominating on the same team. I thought we just did Quinnen a favor bringing in his older brothers. Oops. Quincy is a baller. 

Does Quinnen have any more brothers we can stick on the defense?  I mean, I thought we were doing Quinnen a favor by bringing his brother to the Jets.

Seems like Quincy did us a favor by becoming a Jet!!   

Normally, the ex-Jets go to another team and become an all-pro.

Is it possible that Quincy will become a staple of this defense?

The answer is absolutely "YES"!!!!!!!!!

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I remember when the Jets signed CJ Mosley’s brother and didn’t make a difference. Seemed like it was a nepotism signing. And originally I thought the Quincy Williams signing was the same thing. Wow have I been proven wrong. This kid is a legitimate player 

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25 minutes ago, Nixhead said:

Quincy was a 3rd round pick of the Jags in 2019. He started 8 games his 1st season and was productive. He got injured and last season was a waste. Urban Meyer cut him at the end of training camp this season . He is very fast for a linebacker 4.56 40 and was a track star early in his career. This kid looks like an absolute beast and a steal for the Jets. Glad we have him!

Didn't see your post before basically saying the exact same thing 

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1 hour ago, Barry McCockinner said:

How the F did we get this guy off the waiver wire?

The same way we got Franklin-Myers. Having a good professional and amateur scouting department.

I understand SAR and his merry men love to bash JD, but the FO is pretty good at getting players. They have had some misses, but they have found some studs.

Quincy is a hunka burnin love.

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Quincy is a third round premium draft pick.  Hamsah and Sherwood are lower than that.  His metrics were worthy of that for a 4-3 outside LB. 

The Jaguars play a 3-4.  He was likely not a fit. Good pick up.  Maybe hamsah should play safety 

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