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Bryce Hall appreciation thread

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Was one of his biggest boosters at Virginia, felt terrible he had that injury when he decided to return for his senior year. He was trending towards top 3 DB in that class. 

So needless to say, his success is not a surprise to me. He’s already one of my favorite current Jets 

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He has played exceptionally well. Scheme suits him and he knows his role.

Very encouraged by our young CBs generally, and Hall is the pick of the bunch.

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Hall has been really good.  Had an excellent break up later in the game that could have easily been PI if not for a brilliant job going up and shooting his hand for the ball and not going through the back of the WR. Really good job. 

All the young DB's have been really good actually.  They get beat, but they compete hard and have all been pretty adept tacklers.  I like what I've seen from Echols and MC2.  MC2 especially has been impressive so far this season.  Add that to guidry who has stepped in nice when called on and Dunn who had a fantastic break up this game, the secondary is young, fast, and ascending. 

Safety play has been decent too considering the revolving door. I thought Davis showed a little yesterday. 

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