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Matt Amendola... Whose job it is to kick ass!


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19 minutes ago, Greenbloodblitz said:

Yes the brother of one Danny Amendola who happens to be Kay Adams from GMFB's boyfriend. Their father was the defensive coordinator for a rival high School football team, and they beat the living snot out of each other everyday.

Sounds like brothers right? They have an older brother named Willie but from what I just read Matt got the best of them most of the time. Yep that's our diesel kicker!

I'm still radiating in the afterglow of yesterday's tough win. Just figured I'd throw something out there to chew on.

Most importantly JD and Saleh aren't full of BS. These guys mean what they say. You go and get a kicker from a football family who fought his older brothers everyday? Yeah I'll take that.

As I've said in a few other posts, yesterday was an ugly win. The point was nobody caved in or gave up. The rich guys fought right alongside the no name young guys. They fought with conviction. No quit. If this is the type of character that our GM and HC are building this team with, I feel we're pointed in the right direction.

I'd like to give a few shout outs to the unsung heroes from yesterday's game. Braxton Berrios, A.V.T., Quincy Williams, Matt Amendola who will kick your ass lol! Sheldon Rankins, Zach Wilson, CJ Mosley, Franklin Myers, both Michael Carters and Bryce Hall.

Thanks fellas!!! I'm glad I stuck around.

Now go get those bitch birds in London! Don't forget the T.P.

I already started tailgating!

J-E-T-S... Jets, Jets, Jets!


4 minutes ago, Greenbloodblitz said:

Actually no... it's Amendola.


1 minute ago, Greenbloodblitz said:

No...OP is not.

listen jurassic park GIF by Spotify

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23 minutes ago, freestater said:

I'm pretty sure it's Ammendola. 

That would be weird to have two brothers with different spellings of their last names. 

Just about to write the same.  Our Ammendola is not related to the former Pats receiver Danny Amendola.  

As for Danny?  The friggin guy has dated both Kay Adams and former Miss Universe, Olivia Culpo.   F*ck football. Now, that's a resume.

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2 minutes ago, Greenbloodblitz said:

Yo I would not report fake news. I swear I looked it up and it says they're brothers!!? If I am somehow mistaken then I apologize. Google it and you'll see the same thing I saw. Be sure to drink your Ovaltine!

No idea why the idiots in the press would print that.  Probably laziness on their part.

Our Ammendola is from PA.   Danny Amendola is from TX.

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1 minute ago, munchmemory said:

No idea why the idiots in the press would print that.  Probably laziness on their part.

Our Ammendola is from PA.   Danny Amendola is from TX.

I guess there's no use in beating a dead horse if I was wrong, I was wrong. If you Google Danny Amendola's family his brothers come up as Matt and Willie. I don't come on here looking for attention or reaction, I actually love the team, the sport, the game, and the camaraderie of my fellow posters. I guess you can't believe everything you read on the interwebs LOL.

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