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Our best value draft pick

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14 hours ago, Paradis said:

It’s almost unbelievable that we can have that discussion. Can’t wrap my head around the concept of the Jets having “options”… but yea  you can’t pass on the duck imo. Lawson may or may not return or his old form and that did at Oregon is  Von Miller caliber top shelf. 

Couple interesting guys after him as well out there. Obviously a lot comes down to athletic testing, but excited to see how Karlaftis, Hutchinson, Enagbare, Jackson, Harrison etc. play the rest of the year. I just want the Jets to get to a point where they can actually just take ballers and not have to worry as much about filling critical needs.

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1 hour ago, Maynard13 said:

We probably winning a few more games - say 5-6 and picking in top 8. FU Gase. Thibodeux dropping that far back is improbable so next edge guy is Drake Jackson.  2nd #1 pick would have to be TE Widemyer. But would you take Linderbaum if he's sitting there?  

The number of positions that seem to be glaring needs is thankfully dropping.   I thought they would need a CB for sure, but man the DBs have looked good.  

If Linderbaum is on the board I'd take him unless there is an edge they grade as special. 

If the team keeps improving like I think it will, this is a year to go big in the draft and free agency.  5-6 wins with continued flashes on both sides of the ball is the time to go all in.  That means the 3-4 year window is open. 

NEEDS: RG, C, TE are all hot garbage.  I'd take a bandaid this season. 

Dominate edge and LB depth are next up on my list.  




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17 hours ago, Obrien2Toon said:

Of course it was my least favorite pick 

I didn't understand the pick at the time, since he wasn't even listed as a player who would be drafted in all 7 rounds.  He was listed as a potential "undrafted free agent" by the so-called experts.

Apparently, the Jets do in fact now have a scouting department who can do it on their own, and not have to rely on the "experts" for their draft picks.

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15 hours ago, Action Zachtion said:

Drafting an edge makes more sense when you consider Carl Lawson probably won't be as explosive.  I think he'll still be good though.  

True.  He's under contract for several years and assuming he recovers fairly well he'll be on the field for the Jets as a starter next year.  Even at 85% Carl Lawson would be an above-average starting DE.  I still think we draft an Edge with one of our premium (1st round) picks.  That position is the straw that stirs the drink on a Saleh Defense and turns a good unit into a great one.

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