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Most Snaps Played By Rookies

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1 hour ago, jetscanes331 said:

Jets leading the pack by a decent margin. Gotta remember how young this team is. We could be putting together something nice as these players develop.


Most snaps played by rookies through 4 weeks: Jets 1,198 Steelers 1,050 Lions 826 Chiefs 826 Packers 781

edit: can't figure out to to embed.

Everybody wanted a tear down. Those "bright future" teams suck for a while at the start (and a lot of them don't get any better!)...so this is kind of our lot in life while we find out which way this is gonna go, but we certainly won't know for a minute either way.  

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All well and good.

Like just about everything in the NFL - it'll come down to the QB.

If he's the real deal the Jets will be a good, competitive and a perennial playoff team for a decade.  If he's not we'll be rebuilding again in 3 years.

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