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Zach Wilson named NFL’s Pepsi Rookie of the Week


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27 minutes ago, ZachEY said:

Weeks 1-3

Makes sense, but still shocking. 

Sanchez threw a pick 6 in that Texans opener but the defense shut Houston out otherwise. 

He was solid in the next two games against NE and Tenn, but nothing crazy. The story of that team early in the season was how well Rex's defense was playing. 

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2 hours ago, ZachEY said:

Zach Wilson is now tied with Geno Smith for Pepsi Rookie of the Week awards and remains two behind Mark Sanchez, who achieved this honor three consecutive times!

Good luck, Zach Wilson.

He also joins Jets legends, Victor Hobson and Erik Coleman in this honor and must win it 8 more times this season to take the title from Justin Herbert (8).

Sam Darnold (0) remains tied with Jets Legend Christian Hackenberg (0).

Dee Milliner was Defensive Player of the Week once. He was also the Defensive Rookie of the Month once. 


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33 minutes ago, Claymation said:

And I bet you took issue with Joe Willie's White Shoes and fur coat.

No. White was in the uniform and he did not wear the fur coat when on the field playing. 

I figure the yellow laces must mean something since they are not a jets team color and I imagine that if the NFL fun police haven't gotten around to it yet, they will be doling out a uniform violation fine. A player can be fined $5,150 for a first offense uniform violation. 


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