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JFM Extending with NYJ

Patriot Killa

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Excellent. This is something I’ve wanted to see from Joe D. Extend our guys. Hopefully Foley is next.

It’s great to know JFM will be a part of this team beyond this year. Well done.

Ill take all of this back of the money is not right. I actually think 3 yrs $36M would be a solid offer. 

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3 hours ago, Jetlife33 said:


🤩 didn’t see this coming midseason


I know JFM has talked about how he thought he arrived after coming in his rookie year and getting a sack in the Super Bowl and then admits he downshifted his effort and that he learned a lesson. Hopefully it sticks.

So he’s part or the core now. JFM, Lawson, Hall

Zach, Mekhi, AVT, Moore, Cory Davis

Keep adding pieces JD!

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41 minutes ago, chrisfaceoff said:

Awesome news. 

a little off topic but how PISSED do you think the beat is that the new guy got the scoop and not them?!


I like Conor a lot, but everyone has been coasting with info the past few years and the effort putting in to find out a scoop. 

it’s why so many fan podcasts like Let’s Talk Jets, green bean, Matt and Ryan that put out so much great content weekly have taken off the way they did. 

Was just thinking how painful that must have been for Cimini to credit DJ in his tweet

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10 minutes ago, PS17 said:

Agree. Never understood the Fatukasi infatuation. 

He's been excellent for us - top tier run defender who isn't useless on the pass. Love him as a player, and he's a great story as a 6th rounder who made good. But we can't sign the world on our DL, and with Lawson, JFM, and Q needing an extension, he's the odd man out

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