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19 minutes ago, docdhc said:

Did Pete make any dumb decisions? Then we got the coaching staff covered too!

Somehow I completely forgot about him! :D 

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29 minutes ago, Greenbloodblitz said:

What happened!?

Threw an INT during a comeback attempt. To be fair the WR fell so it wasn't a "Genooo" INT.

Ironically it was the Rams #33 making the game sealing INT. :D  

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"Seattle already ranked dead last in the NFL in total yards allowed heading into Thursday night’s loss to the Rams, then gave up 476 total yards to Los Angeles. Now the Seahawks have given up a total of 2,254 yards through five games.

That’s an average of 451 yards a game, and puts the Seahawks on pace to give up 7,664 yards in a 17-game season. That would be the most in NFL history." ~ PFT

Kids, this is why when your parents tell you that you should give up 2 1st round picks and a huge contract for a tiny linebacker cosplaying as a safety that you should listen to them. 

Not everyone in Seattle's front office had parents who told them this and it shows. 

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9 hours ago, hawk said:

Yes thank you Geno!  Although the pick was not my your fault, the star still exists.  Ty 

Yeah, to be fair, he threw it, and then the receiver fell down.

However, the Geno led Seahawks are not the same team.  

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14 hours ago, longsuffering88 said:


That pick keeps looking better!


thanks Jamal for playing weak too!!

kind of trash post. He was playing lights out and WR slipped. 

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8 hours ago, GreenFish said:

Geno was lighting up the Rams. Thank the WR that fell and Adams. Geno actually gave Seattle a chance to win the game. That offense was flat before he drove them down the field.

Geno was effective but let’s take it easy.  The rams were playing a soft zone the entire second half


I expect Geno to be Geno facing Steelers D

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