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Russell Wilson to miss 6-8 Weeks


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17 minutes ago, The Crusher said:

Dude! He looked amazing before his guy fell down and it caused a pick. Just like Zach’s this week. I see a lot of similarities in the them of them. 

Didn't watch..  was playing last of us 2 on playstation.  Expect him to be decent tho.  He's been in the NFL for a decade and with the hawks for years.

This is obviously his last chance to prove he can be a bridge starter somewhere.

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11 minutes ago, johnnysd said:

Why the hell are people saying 2 Top 10 picks. Our pick will not be in the Top 10. Seattle's could be very high. 

Because we're a 6/7 win team at best this season developing young players.  No shame in that, we just aren't a playoff contender type yet.

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24 minutes ago, Wit said:

I smell a couple of trade downs unless we get the number one with either pick. Get a dominant DE and another stud O line. Maybe even a kicker. 

What else do you smell with two un-slotted picks, six months away from the draft? 

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2 minutes ago, Jetlife33 said:

Their defense is once again historically bad, without Russ bailing them out could be a long 6-8 weeks. Huge for the Jets. 

Yup. I don’t think Geno will be awful but that’s not enough when u have a awful defense.

They have a HOF QB and were still under 500.

 Geno having to score in the 30’s every week to win games is not a recipe for  sucess 



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