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It's midnight in London. Let's go Jets! 2 in a row!

Mims watching how a real receiver practices. 

Sup fellas. Late for work. Just woke up. I’m callin in because **** that place, I have to watch my Jets in 29 mins. They had me getting off at 11PM last night and coming in at 8 this morning anyway wh

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Just now, BigRy56 said:

The TE dropped the ball but Zach could’ve also ran for it there

Eh.  it's the QB's job to complete passes.  The guy was open.  He hit him where he was supposed to WR dropped the ball...Very sad.  This is a very bad football team.

Falcons 3rd and long - Bad roughing the passer

Jets third and short - WR drop.

This team is a joke.   Truly.  

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What the ****kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

**** this ******* **** Tony Corrente. 

**** him and his ******* sh*tty ******* ref crew. 

******* old ****. 


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