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8 minutes ago, Pichula said:

We beat the pats in the playoffs with green pants, that sh*t died that day 

And weren’t ready the next game. Down 24-0 at halftime. Until we win an actual really important game (another sb) nothing is dead.

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Make no mistake, this is very much a winnable game for the Jets. The Falcons are a flawed team in many different ways. They're also taking the injury bug on the chin. At this point honestly I think the Jets SHOULD win this game. But the way they'll lose it is if they decide not to do their jobs. They finally found chemistry last weekend but it's a fragile thing. They can just as easily lose it as they can continue on building it. I think the key here is for Zach to execute the game plan and play some boring football. If he does that I think the Jets win....

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Cordarrelle Patterson is throwing balls into the crowd, and they're throwing them back. Some guy in a Cheaters jersey catches one, then decides to set up a selfie of him throwing it back, and fails miserably.
CP has got a good arm on him!

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3 hours ago, BP said:

Legendary @T0mShane , I saw what you did there and you should be commended for it! You’re trying to use the old legendary  “anti mojo”. It’s been a while since it’s been used here and it obviously flew over some exuberant heads here in the game thread.


I would like to personally thank you, now the Jets will pass on first down and finally have a lead going into halftime.

Oh, is that what he was doing?



I still don't take back what I said about his penis.

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6 minutes ago, More Cowbell said:

Good for you. Only a few good weekends left unless you are one of those freaks that owns winter golf gloves. 

Year round in the golf capital of the country.  Playing a very exclusive course today and the  only reason I agreed, my boys got satellite on his golf cart and we watch Football between shots.  Pretty sick.  Obviously miss a lot but stills. And I’m recording it too.  

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3 minutes ago, FidelioJet said:

Gotta get off to a good start.  

Really, NO DROPS early...It seems our WR's drop early balls, kill the early drives and then are already playing from behind.

guys HAVE to CATCH....

Jets win big with no drops today.  An early drop and it's going to be tough.

ONE drop and it’s over? Lol I love Jets fans 

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