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It's midnight in London. Let's go Jets! 2 in a row!

Mims watching how a real receiver practices. 

Sup fellas. Late for work. Just woke up. I’m callin in because **** that place, I have to watch my Jets in 29 mins. They had me getting off at 11PM last night and coming in at 8 this morning anyway wh

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1 minute ago, undertow said:

I'm no rocket scientist but it seems counterproductive to send your worst teams into other countries to try and market the sport.

Only reason is Atlanta and ny are international cities. Expanded fan base 

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Just now, Integrity28 said:

Hey bubba.

It’s my little guys birthday today. That’s my silver lining here as I watch the Hets nuke my interest as a fan + my fantasy week (I started Zach over Matt Ryan). 

Good heavens! Yikes. Give the little  fella a high five and obnoxiously large piece of HIS Birthday cake from his Uncle Crushlove! 

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You're enjoying this and it's disgusting. 

Nope, just seeing what I saw before we even drafted the kid. He sucks. I want us to move on from him as soon as possible and have the balls to draft his replacement this year. I hated that we drafted him and he’s showing exactly why

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