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7 minutes ago, FidelioJet said:

We want Crowder in the slot.  He's the most reliable WR on the team right now and should be in his primary position.

Moore should be playing WR 4 rotating into all 3 spots.

I should have clarified, I mean when he’s in I’d like to see him in the slot primarily. I just think he’s wasted outside but I agree Crowders gotta be out there 

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4 minutes ago, JiFapono said:

Year round in the golf capital of the country.  Playing a very exclusive course today and the  only reason I agreed, my boys got satellite on his golf cart and we watch Football between shots.  Pretty sick.  Obviously miss a lot but stills. And I’m recording it too.  

That is a sick setup. I would never watch the Jets while playing. Would mess up my game for sure

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The safeties have been interchangeable all season so far. We started Davis last week but once we were defending the red zone - Wilson & Colbert got the majority of snaps. Davis played more FS and covered the TE when he was on the field. Curious to see Ryan - the Davy veteran - plays our young interchanging secondary without his top wideout. 

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15 minutes ago, FidelioJet said:

Gotta get off to a good start.  

Really, NO DROPS early...It seems our WR's drop early balls, kill the early drives and then are already playing from behind.

guys HAVE to CATCH....

Jets win big with no drops today.  An early drop and it's going to be tough.

Early drops I’m ok with. Drops until 7 minutes into 3rd quarter? Yeah, that shits gotta stop today! 

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