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Just now, kevinc855 said:

It’s going to get more fun today when Darnold  puts up another 2-3 touchdowns 

And there will STILL be people claiming JD made alllll the right moves. 

It's truly incredible. 

The cult of JD is Jim Jones level. 

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Just another lost year of Jets football. It's so frigging obvious that there is a fix in against the Jets that the refs even have a back-up penalty planned if the 1st one goes wrong. And it's not like the NFL isn't KNOWN by mobsters and gambling concerns to BE a crooked operation. The Jets are the easiest team to pull it on since everybody just EXPECTS them to suck anyway, and their owner is a milk toast rich baby who runs the team like he's collecting baseball cards. I'm done, I can't do this sh*t anymore, it's too heartbreaking to watch year after year after year

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