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2 minutes ago, kevinc855 said:

The feared 1-3 Atlanta offense without their 2 WRs is about to hit 400 yards of offense with plenty of time to go

But keep lecturing me how this defense is good 

Well, not sure who thought playing predominantly a zone coverage scheme against a seasoned NFL QB was a good idea….especially since their top 2 WR are not playing. 

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Just now, funaz said:

Parcels was coach for three years. Wtf is up with parcels worship

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You had to be there before, during, and after Parcells with the Jets to really appreciate and understand the INCREDIBLE OVERHAULING of a team within 1 off-season. And I’m still bitter towards him because he left us hanging by quitting early only to return 2 years later to coach füçking Dallas. 

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3 minutes ago, August said:

They forced two turnovers and kept the game in striking distance. They haven’t been perfect but far better than the offense. 

Agree. They’ve presented opportunities for the offense and the Jets to get back in it. The Jets’ o is yet to capitalize and repay the overworked defense. 

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