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Your weekly presentation of how bad Greg Van Roten is


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1 minute ago, TheNuuFaaolaExperience said:

Zach has to make the play when it is there, but our center and right guard are atrocious. I've seen more penetration in the first five weeks than The World's Largest Gang Bang volume 3. 

That was the POV one, right? Did you find wearing the Go Pro distracted you?

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26 minutes ago, T0mShane said:

Only the Jets can be entirely held hostage because the RG is no good. Every other team in the league is starting one substandard dude on the OL and they’re somehow able to overcome it. The Jets, though? Nope. Throw in the towel.

Unfortunately, this is the truth. Yeah the RG/C issues are there, but the Jets aren't unique in this regard.

e.g. Week 2 - with the season barely underway - Cleveland started 3 backups on their OL (plus a 4th starter limped back into the lineup after starting the prep week injured as well). Also OBJ was still out from before the season and then Landry was knocked out of the game after 2 snaps. So that's 5 backups thrust (giggity) into starting roles: 3 OLmen and both their competent WR starters. 

They scored 31 points on offense anyway. Only two of Mayfield's 21 pass attempts weren't completed, getting sacked twice, and their backs ran for 140+ yards on 24 carries. 


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