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Fixing Zach Wilson is simple

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13 hours ago, Pichula said:

Wilson has flashed more in 5 games than Darnold has in 5 years. Jets fans are programmed to hate everything they have and pump up everything outside the org- ie. the laughable Mac Jones praise. Or the lack of criticism of TL relative to Wilson even tho they are basically having the same season 

Clearly you haven’t been reading what I’ve been reading. People still think Geno smith got a raw deal around here and the Jets ruined him. Unsurprisingly homerism is a lot more common that darksiderism on a Jets board.

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Dude maybe I'm getting older or it's just really early, but other than the words John Beck, I have no idea what the hell you just said?

I'm still wondering who JW is...

Jifapono Wilson?

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On 10/15/2021 at 8:12 AM, hmhertz said:

Hire John Beck. He was the guy who turned JW into one of the hottest prospects in the '21 draft.

They communicate well, Beck has become a Guru developing QBs. Benefits for JB opportunities

for future hot coaching opportunities, if he wants to stay independent source , great pub.

Benefit for JD a franchise QB and a job saver. JW needs a friend and his mentor

No one is fixing Zach Wilson.  There’s a reason why he sucked facing legit competition in college and now sucks in the NFL.  The kid does not have it

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1 minute ago, Snell41 said:


Honestly I’d have a lot more fun if others were bumping my posts and throwing it in my face how wrong I was because it’’d mean we found our guy, but I don’t think that’s happening.

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I'm also desperate for the day I'll be wrong about a Jets QB.

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4 minutes ago, DetroitRed said:

I haven’t read your thoughts on the current one, but it’s too early to tell,  regardless of your opinion 

No doubt. Too early to know but never too early for an opinion.

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