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***Official NFL Sunday/Jets Bye Week Games Thread***

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What an ass.   "I am the best in the nation"  

“Blitz boy” 🤣🤣🤣

Adams will never catch Covid

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I hate when the defense makes a play and they all run into the end zone to pose for a picture. Goodell should post security at each corner armed with that yellow foam pepper spray sh*t that riot cops get to use on protestors.

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33 minutes ago, Green Ghost said:


Wasn’t that game the same night as the OJ Simpson white Jeep sh*t show out in LA?

I remember being furious watching him and Cowlings driving surrounded by police cars instead of seeing the game.

OJ and AC was game 5, I think.

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6 minutes ago, Better2bgreenthanblue said:

3rd down looked like a TD but who knows maybe the end zone line is crooked.

Yeah, I agree with that - but hard to overturn as you couldn't see it. There should have been a flag for lack of or originality on the goal line offense..

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