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***Official NFL Sunday/Jets Bye Week Games Thread***


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10 minutes ago, doitny said:

why do so many people love ex Jets who are still playing.

i loved Revis when he was here. i hated him when he wasnt. and now that hes retired i love him again.

whats so hard to understand that if Adams, Darnold, Leo, Robbie or any other ex Jet looks good we look bad for getting rid of them.

dont you get tired of the media and other people making fun of you team?. winning a trade isn't just making good on the draft picks, it also having the guy you traded away look like crap.

I’m watching this game rooting for Geno, but hoping the Steelers score more against Jamal. 

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42 minutes ago, Rangers9 said:

Well the Patriots won the toss in overtime and couldn’t score on their possession. Brady mostly won those games even from the start. So maybe Mac will be very good but probably not great.

Remember when the Pats won the toss an elected to give the ball to the lowly Jets so they could win it with a FG or know if they needed to go for it - good times... :-)

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