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***Official NFL Sunday/Jets Bye Week Games Thread***


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Just now, dbatesman said:

Long past time for him to go to the Great Dive Bar Ladies’ Room In The Sky

He’s garbage, I know, but I’m just referring to the fact that he could have put up 50 tonight if he threw it at Jamal Adams and I would have had a much better time.

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5 minutes ago, Bleedin Green said:

Tomlin is an idiot.  The replay made it crystal clear the ball hit the ground with a second on the clock. It's not even debatable.

Yeah the replay! You know what man all this critical precise thinking has taken all of the humanity out of the game.

Go back and watch the Mike Tyson Buster Douglas fight. Only the biggest upset in sports history remember?

In the eighth round Tyson catches Douglas with an uppercut and knocks him out cold. Somehow it took the referee 14 seconds to count to 10!?

Yeah well the rest is history isn't it?

You win some you lose some and the call on the field stands, according to the eye test. That's how it should be.

All of the sterile craziness going on these days is mind-boggling. When I'm in love with a woman I want to roll over next to her in the morning and I want her to be warm and sticky and mushy LOL. What good is waking up next to each other if she's going to run and take a shower and come out with cold wet hair smelling like soap?

Now I got to go brush my teeth!?

It's all wrong! The spirit snipers are knocking on the front door at the zoo!

You feelin' me penguin?

Yo you feelin' me!?


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I want to thank Geno Smith for finally helping us out. I want to thank Shell for looking like Wayne Hunter on that 3rd down play, and I want to thank Jamal Adams for simply being an average linebacker. 

You can tell Adams has no idea how to play the safety position. He has two clear INTs tonight and completely botched both of them. He prolly got a concussion from the one hitting him exactly in the face mask. I mean, what else do you want you jackass? 

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10 hours ago, undertow said:

Freiermuth and Harris are two pretty good offensive picks for the Steelers in this draft....along with Claypool from last year.  Why is it so easy for everyone else? lol

Highsmith on the edge too. We took Zuniga ahead of himz

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