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Darnold regressing, throws INT on first play (Frankie Luvu blocks punt, Herndon catches TD. Oh my this MIN-CAR Game!)

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Still better than Suckopono 

While the dedication it takes to constantly put down the Jets QB in every post is fascinating, it is also starting to look like an unhealthy obsession. lol  

It's never difficult to be a hater  It's difficult to build something

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1 hour ago, Irish Jet said:

Just called two timeouts in a row on a 3rd and 15.

The resulting play ended in offensive holding.

You can take the man out of the Jets…

One thing the Darnold bros could never successfully argue in Darnold's favor regarded his inability to make effective pre-snap decisions whatsoever.  The dude simply doesn't know how to play the QB position at a basic level most of the time.

It's a good reason why you should probably pass on a kid who didn't play QB in HS and only made 27 starts at QB in college.

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Darnold has played like crap the last couple of games, absolutely terrible at times.

Still consider that the Panthers were a 5 win team two seasons in a row, not exactly a powerhouse.  Even so I think he'll end up rated in the top 20's.

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Just now, Anthony Jet said:

So drops for Sam not his fault 

drops for Zach he sucks 

No putting the ball at receivers feet from 5 yards away means he currently sucks.  I'm not ready to say he definitively sucks yet.

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1 hour ago, bostonmajet said:

Tannehill says hello.

Maybe it takes 2-3 years to get the Gase out of the QB; I seem to remember Tannehill struggled for a bit after Gase too :-)

Tannehill's performance his first 3 years in the league is a level Darnold could only dream of.

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