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only our head coach would have this


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1 hour ago, andy1000000 said:

If you go on twitter "our" head coach a national football league head coach goes by the title "all gas no break" on twitter. 

Only the jets would have this laughable crap. you cant make this crap up

Apparently we have a new troll, what is the over/under on how many posts he gets in before being banned?

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The part I enjoy this particular troll job is that while he is discussing Twitter, his user name is the same type of format as all the people who try to convince me the earth is flat, the moon landing is real and the government killed JFK.

 They also include some more recent choice conspiracies that I won’t discuss for fear of getting the thread locked before it goes through it’s own natural progression of being locked for being another lame troll post.

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