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Jets get a call from commissioners office for poor ticket sales


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1 hour ago, SAR I said:

He’s the f’cking commissioner. He should pass a rule that a team can only have a Top 5 quarterback for 3 years before he is mandatorily transferred to a needy team.

There aren’t enough great quarterbacks to go around and thus the league is unfair. He can solve that himself.


League is unfair because a team can’t draft a half decent QB in 20 years? Sure. 

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The solution to this could be to create a 2nd division NFL expansion with 10 teams, maybe?   

Offer teams to cities like Portland, San Diego, Louisville, Salt Lake City, Omaha, San Antonio, Sacramento, Oklahoma City, Wichita…

Dump the divisions.  There are only a handful of rivalries that people care about anyway, and that is us old guys.  The kids are barely watching.  

Then create a relegation promotion system.  Top 2 teams go up… bottom 2 teams go down.  

This bottom of the NFL crap with no consequences has to stop.    

People will absolutely being watching the teams on the bubble of both leagues in crunch time.  Like an extra set of playoff games…

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