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****The officially OFFICIAL NY JETS vs ne patriots game day thread****®©™️

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I wanted Mike McCarthy and Jack Del Rio.  At this point I'll take Melissa McCarthy and Lana Del Ray.

This team doesn’t deserve to win another game. The entire roster, coaching staff and front office should be on the hot seat. I’m officially over Joe Douglas. This f*cking guy doesn’t get ano

So if this is a serious injury and Wilson is done, this entire season pretty much goes from painfully awful to 100% completely useless.

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Just now, RutgersJetFan said:

Talent absolutely matters and the Jets have none but it's hard to ignore that this team was just as bad last year and still somewhat tried on gameday. This is really pathetic. At this point they'd be better hiring Jason Sudeikis to just come in and play Ted Lasso in the locker room.

Was gonna say exactly that!

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9 minutes ago, T0mShane said:

Saleh is absolutely a problem. Not as advertised at all.

I get that we are used to seeing the Pats have their way with the Jets but this is a different team and they really are not that good. No reason this game should be this one-sided given the situation the Jets are in and that has to be in some part a reflection of the coach's ability.

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Mims should’ve been there instead of Moore. 

Agreed, however Mims should’ve been the blocker for Moore. For all people want to knock him, Mims has been a good blocker. Having Moore block for Crowder there is laughable. I’m so made, my trimmer broke so now I’m stuck with having to watch the Jets over yard work.

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Just now, Matt39 said:

Should have gone for it anyways 

It's the adam gase mentality.  Coach goes in with zero intent to win but instead happy with coming out of game with moral victories.

We need to score 2tds to just tie the game. The upside of even making the kick is negligible...... if your intent is to win


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