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****The officially OFFICIAL NY JETS vs ne patriots game day thread****®©™️

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I wanted Mike McCarthy and Jack Del Rio.  At this point I'll take Melissa McCarthy and Lana Del Ray.

This team doesn’t deserve to win another game. The entire roster, coaching staff and front office should be on the hot seat. I’m officially over Joe Douglas. This f*cking guy doesn’t get ano

So if this is a serious injury and Wilson is done, this entire season pretty much goes from painfully awful to 100% completely useless.

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1 minute ago, Jet_Engine1 said:

Hmm A really smart guy was telling me just minutes ago how important that Quinnen Williams pick was...oh, look, another run up the gut for 10 yards....

Quinnen is the new Leo. He’s had no impact this year.  

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1 minute ago, AbstraKt said:

How come the ONLY CONSISTENT behavior we can exhibit is waving our stupid hands after an incomplete pass?

Saleh is one of these rah rah type guys who players love but he never puts them in line. Lots of Rex Ryan like qualities 

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You just saw your QB get knocked out of the game with two atrocious hits that went unpenalized, and you let the Patriots do this.

This whole f*cking team is baby poop soft.

Add me to the gang who are souring on Saleh.

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1 minute ago, jeremy2020 said:

Dune was fantastic. I'm a longtime fan, have read the books several times and they did a bang up job. 

When do we get the rest of the movie? Where they stopped was hella early in the book….

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Just now, Charlie Brown said:

Thank you !!

And to think people started a thread during the break saying in effect how much a waste CJ Mosley is!!

No, I'm pretty sure CJ Mosely is wasted on this team.

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Just now, Dunnie said:

A movie as successful as this team.

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lol!  I watched the new one last night.  Disappointing.  Lynch's version is better.

FYI:  Lynch's vision was sh*t canned by Dino DeLaurentis who took an hour out of his flick.  Lynch has completely disowned the version which was released.

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8 minutes ago, HessStation said:

Nah playcalling wise this is like watching chess vs checkers 

Please. This is chess vs that thing at the Pediatricians office where kids slide blocks and shapes along those rails.


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