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****The officially OFFICIAL NY JETS vs ne patriots game day thread****®©™️


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2 minutes ago, Smashmouth said:

Just as I was going to turn off this sh*t show and watch re-runs of Dexter cause I would rather see people bleed out on a table than watch the Jets ..... The Jets throw me a curve !! Zach who absolutely SUCKS gets hurt and replaced by Mike White who actually looks okay compared to Zach. So I'm putting Dexter on hold to see if Mike White can actually make this offense look competent ( I think he can actually) and it really is ALL ON ZACH sucking rather than the entire offense. 

Key thing to note with a 31 -7 lead you can bet White will at some point be facing prevent if we don't score on the opening drive of Q3

Plot twist....mike white sucks worse

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3 minutes ago, RSJ said:

I dont know what the Jets will honestly do. This is year one of the rebuild and it looks like it should be torn down again

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The big question will be whether or not we draft another QB with one of our top five picks next year. If it were me, I would no question what so ever

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1 minute ago, Untouchable said:


Even if it turns out that Wilson isn’t the guy, why toss yet another young QB into a sh*t situation?

They need to bring in a legit veteran to compete with Wilson next year and build up the rest of this terrible roster.

And neither Douglas, Saleh, LaFleur, etc. should be around to see the process through.

Go throw the bank at Doug Pederson. Go buyout Harbaugh from his Michigan contract. Hell, lure Mike Shanahan‘s ass out of retirement.

But one thing is for sure, I want to see a proven commodity hired. Not some dickbag coordinator or assistant.

This is a legit option also

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5 minutes ago, NorthCoastJetsFan said:

I try to maintain some semblance of hope but watching the disgusting performance makes me wonder why I am still a Jet fan. Embarrassing is not the word for this dreck.

After almost 60 years, I have had enough. No more merchandise, and maybe no more watching either. It’s no wonder that attendance is way down. Who would spend money to support this crap? I almost wish they would move the team to somewhere else so I could pick a different team.

There is not enough Scotch in the world to endure this.

Sad but true 

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5 minutes ago, Rangers1 said:

Namath sold his soul and this is the results

Jets fans pay the price

fire them all, Johnson sell the team today

I wish we could just make the Johnson's sell the team, but we can't. It's just something for us to scream about. Unfortunately the Jets have to fix things with this ownership group. We just have to hope at some point they stumble into some success. The Cleveland Browns did. 

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