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****The officially OFFICIAL NY JETS vs ne patriots game day thread****®©™️

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I wanted Mike McCarthy and Jack Del Rio.  At this point I'll take Melissa McCarthy and Lana Del Ray.

This team doesn’t deserve to win another game. The entire roster, coaching staff and front office should be on the hot seat. I’m officially over Joe Douglas. This f*cking guy doesn’t get ano

So if this is a serious injury and Wilson is done, this entire season pretty much goes from painfully awful to 100% completely useless.

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I just want to see improvement on offense today. I'll totally get it if the defense has a setback today. I want points in the first quarter. I want to see a LOT less picks. I want to see some good running, better work on the o-line. 

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It would be nice to see:

1. No "three and out" on the first offensive drive.

2. A decent first half offensively. 

3. Zach look somewhat comfortable, especially on the simple throws. And please clean up the short arm passes.

4. An interception would be awesome. If not, it would be nice to see a disruptive defense like we saw against the Titans.

5. A decent run game.

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1 minute ago, munchmemory said:

lol  You beat me to it, Maynard13.  I should just make both and have included @The Crusher as the reason.  

But you'll be happy to know (you too, Crush) that I just put an apple-pear crumble in the oven.  

What the hell? Haha 

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2 minutes ago, defensedoesntgetyoulaid said:

Looking forward to watching this during my bye week. Titans and KC will be the other I'm keeping an eye on.

I hope Wilson makes Belichick throw a phone

Absolutely love this imagery.  lol  Hilarious.

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