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****The officially OFFICIAL NY JETS vs ne patriots game day thread****®©™️


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16 minutes ago, K Clue said:

I guess it’s a bit premature to say Gase is worse lol, but he only did win two games last season, he went from 7-9 to 2-14, you shouldn’t digress like that.

And I’m not saying Saleh is a great head coach by any means, but my point is he should get more than one season before the Jets kick him to the curb. 

At this point let’s see how we finish the season. 

This team is baaddddddd

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19 minutes ago, munchmemory said:

Thanks for the response.  The face reminded me of a pike or sturgeon. 

Beautiful fish and great catching it.  Good luck fishing the rest of the season.  Kudos.

Great fighting fish, this one jumped out of the water 4 times before I got her in on fairly light tackle.  Real rush.  LOL

Btw if you are going to eat them make sure you skin em, or it will taste like ass.  Once skined they are delicious.  

MY morning went a lot better then the afternoon.  :) 

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4 minutes ago, Jolot said:

Bad look here …you have to stick up for your rookie QB…..Saleh continues to disappoint even after the game ends . 

Yep. This team is crying out for some leadership and accountability. Saleh can’t go out there saying ‘we tried hard’ and ‘we had a good practice’. Losing is one thing but getting absolutely demolished like that is unacceptable and he should be pissed about it.

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No matter how low my expectations may be, this team always finds ways to disappoint me.   Make it to the 2nd quarter and not be down two scores.  That was all I asked.  And we were not even close.  What was it 8 of 9 drives we gave up points.  To a team that is 1-4 when they are not playing us. 


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1 hour ago, Green Ghost said:

Last game we played, you were the guy verbally shaking his head in disgust at the people saying the exact same thing. Now you want to blow everything up?

If you’re going to try to be the ‘calm, cool and above the fray guy”, you might want to try staying cool, calm and above the fray.

We just got molly whopped by a sub par pats team by 45-ish points. There is no staying cool anymore.

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The outright ineptitude of this franchise is making me rethink just how much more I should invest time wise, on this team.

They had 2 weeks to scheme up a defensive game plan vs a rookie QB and they literally got destroyed both physically and as Bart Scott mentioned, mentally too.

You know what, I found last Sunday way more enjoyable as a football fan. No Jets playing, no loss, no frustration.

Before the game, I posted that I didn’t expect them to win today but I was hoping for a good effort. I guess I was asking for too much.

I know, I know, it’s not about this year. I know they’re re-building but for crying out loud, they didn’t even show a pulse out there.  but Am I the only long time suffering Jets fan feeling this way?


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