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Joe Douglas has to be out tonight.

Irish Jet

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1 minute ago, Dunnie said:

I think this is all on Saleh ... his player player friendly rah rah approach is failing ... and his nepotistic hire of Mike LaFleur does not seem to be working out.

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What about the DC he brought in that can't force a 3 and out or even a  punt against a rookie QB. Not to mention last week's first half performance.  

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8 minutes ago, JETSY14 said:

You see flashes of talent?? Your electric must be going in and out.  Our biggest play was a pass interference and our D looks like Swiss cheese. 

Its there. You must be on of these posters that don't watch the games and only react to what others are saying. 

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17 minutes ago, bgivs21 said:

Dumb thread. Besides the fact he's only had 2 off seasons here he has brought in talent. You can see it flash.

Right now, this abomination is on the coaches. 

Seriously is anyone else extremely triggered by the word “flash” at this point?

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