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The Jets are at rock bottom. 
The fan base is disgusted. We’re losing faith in the GM and CS, and the roster is full of expansion level “talent”. Today the latest QB savior went down for who knows how long.

We have a short amount of time left before the trading deadline, let’s blow this s*it up. Get on the phone, see what we can get for Mosely, Crowder, Maye and anyone else some other team is dumb enough to give us any assets for. QW, Davis, Berrios, Cole, McGovern, Fant, van Roten (lol) …. anyone.

It can’t get any worse than it is now, and at least they’ll be forced to play the kids. After the season, we decide if we want JD to be the guy to use the bounty of picks we’ll have. If it isn’t him, let the new guy bring in his own HC and even a new QB if he wants.

When you ain’t got nothing, you’ve got nothing to lose.

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I agree with trading crowder, cole, and maye but don’t trade any of the OL. I’m fairly sure that CJ is untradradable with his contract. It’s finally starting to improve and there’s no reason to get Zach hurt again. I can see in the off-season a big trade happening like the bills did with diggs. Maybe someone like Isaiah Simmons. There’s no way we’re keeping all those picks because there’s no room for that many players. 

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