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Hypothetical Flacco scenario


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19 hours ago, Wit said:

I know this is a long shot

if Flacco wins the next four, does Zach learn behind him the rest of the season, or come back in? 

Has the goal of the organization changed from developing young talent to coincide with the development of the QB or to win win a handful of games this season with an old, well past his prime QB?

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Absolutely not.

The only thing that matters for this team is figuring out within the next 2-1/2 years if Zach is the guy.

Nothing else.

Riding a 4 game winning streak by Flacco and getting to 7-10 or 8-9 does nothing for the future.

The second Zach is healthy enough to play (and protect himself), he needs to play.  

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Wilson is playing terribly and Flacco can’t play worse but you’re putting way to much faith in him. He’s just here for the paycheck. Neither more nor less.

Were not talking faith, Flacco is a much better QB than Wilson right now. Nowhere does that mean Flacco is good, he’s just better than Wilson

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