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Mac Jones’ girlfriend Sophie Scott really enjoyed Patriots’ beatdown of Jets

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2 minutes ago, Lith said:

The young woman, Ms Scott, is my bosses' friends daughter. 

I do not think it would be a good career move if I shared this thread with her.  Nor would it be wise for her to know I am posting in it while I should be working.

Jenna Lemoncelli might write an article about it if you do though.

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I heard his mom was over the moon as well.  Jeez what garbage.  Yes we suck gigantically but there have been winless teams in the past who don't catch the flack we do on a national level.  It's gotten to the point I don't even wear my Jets cap in public any more.  I have good sense of humor but the jokes are just losing their charm.  No creativity like we see on this board when joking at our own expense. 

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