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Mac Jones’ girlfriend Sophie Scott really enjoyed Patriots’ beatdown of Jets

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I'm still trying to wrap my head around Mac Jones having a girlfriend. I would have guessed his private area resembled that of a Ken doll.

Somebody should tell her we're historically bad. She'll have an orgasm.

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2 minutes ago, munchmemory said:

You just had my son and me laughing our asses off.   Sick, but hilarious reference.

I can't help thoughts from popping in there.

I either was going there or was going to make reference to Wentz's 1400cc brain, prominent supraorbital ridge, etc.


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3 hours ago, Jared said:

I don't know how many younger millennials / older Gen-Z's you hang out with regularly, but apparently higher waists and wider jeans are back "in" again.

It's pretty much 60% of the nursing staff I work with, lol. I know they've made a bit of a comeback, but so did lamé and shoulder pads for a bit. 🤨

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