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GreenBean Appreciation Thread

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It ain’t no happenstance that this post has been made. GB is fantastic. Great guy and love his content. 

the amount of content creators we have as fans here is not only top notch, but it puts the majority, if not all, of our beat to absolute shame. 

The Let’s Talk Jets boys, Ryan, Matt, Jake, Paul, and so many others put so much time and effort into their work and it shows. 

we’re all better as a fan base because of it too. 

while the media tries to paint a specific narrative, it’s guys like the ones mentioned above who stand up and say “nah screw that, you want to know what fans really feel like, here. We’ll  tell you”


respect to all of the , and the ones I know I for sure left out. Keep that up!

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57 minutes ago, Wit said:

So does he live in the road? I watched a couple of vids and I felt they were fair. He tried to explain JDs plan. It’s not going to save JD from his record of his plans fail. 

He lives on the road. A true traveling man. Which is very cool, I am so jealous!

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