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Just now, Bronx said:

First time scoring in the 1st half this season, good start.

Can’t deny that. But if the discussion is serious 

Play calling was 1000x better that drive then any other drive I watched. And before someone tells me they haven’t had a chance to go deep in the playbook, I’m talking about the run run 3rd and long pass 

There was 0 drops 

Mims is in 

All that being said. White looked good and definitely makes me think we wasted a draft pick…….trading for flacco

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I think LaFleur's offense fits White better, but that doesn't mean that Zach has a pass to have played that badly. I think Zach has more potential, but won't learn it by playing immediately. He needs White to come in and play, and hopefully play the rest of the year. I don't see Zach playing well without taking time off. If White plays lights out really good, that's awesome too

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