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Jets Acquire laurent Duvernay Tardif (Guard) from KC


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1 minute ago, CanadaSteve said:

Yeah, sorry he couldn't get a pro-bowl guard, pro-bowl edge rusher, pro-bowl QB, and a pro-bowl WR, at the trade deadline.

I attached the resume for you, if you ever decide to apply!


Man, some folks only hear/read what they want to read/hear.  Or have the reading comprehension of acorn squash (full price, not an older sale vegetable).

My comment was questioning the "tweeter" who characterized JD as "aggressive".  That's fu*king laughable.  He's done nothing all season and now pulls off an okay trade.   That's fine.  But let's not call his limited actions during the trading period as "aggressive".  Capito?

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1 minute ago, sec101row23 said:

Atlantic Health is the sponsor of the Jets facility in Florham Park.  I’m sure he’ll have a ton of options after football. 

Can't hurt to get in with the Johnson & Johnson boys at a more 'personal' level also...

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57 minutes ago, Beerfish said:

He was a decent though not pro bowl caliber guard before he took the year off to look after people during the start of covid.  Whether he is instant starter or depth the jets need to keep building the oline.


50 minutes ago, Lith said:

Keep it in persepctive though.  Duvernay-Tardiff has not played in a game since 2019.  Missed last year to return to being a  physician to help treat Covid patients and has not played this season.

Still likely an upgrade over GVR.

My recollection was that the year before covid he was one of PFF’s lowest-rated guards, for whatever that’s worth.

That was before missing all of 2020 and then so far all of 2021.

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Nothing worth getting too worked up over in either direction.  They're both just buried depth that neither team has any plans to use nor retain, swapping positions the other team feels they have a bit more need.  Odds are neither will do too much this year and be looking for work again in a few months, but nothing wrong with giving someone new a look if you have no intention of doing that with the guy you're sending off.  It's essentially the mid-season equivalent of when you see teams pulling bottom-roster trades right before final cutdowns at the end of preseason, to help each other while avoiding the waiver system.

Considering GVR is coming off his best game in his time with the Jets, I wouldn't get too convinced this move is meant for his predetermined immediate replacement by a guy who hasn't played in a couple of years.

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