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5 minutes ago, Paradis said:

what an arrogant a$$ team the colts are. you're up 28-10 against a bad team on their 3rd QB..

Go for it on 4th down with a direct snap?

Fck you frank. You deserve that team.

I don't get this anger. They're just doing what they're supposed to.

Makes more sense to be mad at the Jets for sucking and letting other teams run up the score on them.

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17 minutes ago, FloridaJetsFan said:

I don’t think you’re even watching this game. This is a sh*t show. Again,where is tonight’s over reaction? Just stop.

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we lost of QB. this is the same sh*t you saw last week/ how many did cincy get on us? 31 points? we just scored more. 

if White was in there matching  TDs with them you wouldn't feel this way.

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Just now, slimjasi said:

I'm not sure what you are saying

That watching football with the mindset that we’re the best team in football when we win and the organization should be banished into the shadow realm when we lose is not something that winning magically cures.

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