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Just now, Jetlife33 said:

I mean these are nfl players man. 1 stop in 3 quarters? We’re playing a 3 win team heading into tonight.

don't even count this game for the colts, they should come out a 3-5 team still. This Jets team really needs to improve before they can be counted in real nfl games

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5 minutes ago, ausman said:

Then wtf was he so highly regarded coming out of college?  I mean that’s pretty fundamental.

In my opinion, he wasn’t.  

He dropped in the draft for a reason.    I watched his film and could tell something was wrong.  I got the feeling he was a head case.  Wasn’t sure exactly what it was.

Now we can see it was multiple problems.

He’ll be out of the NFL by the end of 2024 at the latest.  He may not even make a roster in 2023.

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2 minutes ago, kevinc855 said:

We can’t even cover offensive lineman

anyone remember the awhile who passionately debated me about how the defense was good and I didn’t have the football smarts to see it ?

if anyone remembers please let me know his name. I gotta do some searching 

Without looking I'm gonna say JetNut told you that. 

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2 minutes ago, Mogglez said:

They were never not going to suck.

This year was never about going to the playoffs or being a dominant defensive team. It was about developing young talent, knowing there would be serious lumps.  If anyone else expected differently, it’s because their brains were as smooth as an egg shell.

Getting blown out in the middle of the season multiple times is not taking lumps.  That is just bad talent or coaching or both.  Young team, development should show progress if both the talent and coaching is there.

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Just now, Integrity28 said:

Okay, don’t buy it. 

Scores gonna be like 60-10, but this is worth getting worked up over.

Marty Feldman 80S GIF

you're the one that called out a post saying a team at 4th and 3 up 18 should just kick a GF to go up 21... and i'm the chameleon eye man. 

Got it.  

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Last week was a classic trap game for Cinci and they played like it.  Give White credit… he was one guy who could take advantage.  This week, on short rest, the Jets are playing an angry team looking for blood.  Score might be 35-24 right now if the gods didn’t shyt on us and take White out of the game.  But this was always going to be a loss.

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