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Absolutely nothing good has happened since....


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9 minutes ago, DepressedJetsFan23 said:

My personal line of nothing good has happened is the victor crux game, but this is a good one as well

We had our tongue down her throat at the bar in 2015. Unfortunately we went to go drain the lizard and came back to find her passed out cold before we could get her back to the house.

Since then we've had NO action. WHATSOEVER.

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2 minutes ago, Prodigal Syndicate said:

Ironically Zack Wilson looks the star of a Disney made for TV film.

Yup. The punchable d bag rich kid QB of the Private school team that the ragtag group of misfits have to overcome their differences and learn to play as a team to defeat in the big game before the final musical number.

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12 hours ago, Jet_Engine1 said:

This moment


Trash these sh*trags. They stink of failure and ineptitude.  


Back to the classics with the new colors as soon as league rules allow. Launch party theme "Our rich history meets our bright future."


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